We'll design for you

In need of a CHEAP designer?Then you've come to the right place,as we are fresh graduates,we wont charge you a bomb! :P
Designs we offer
-Header design-Layout design (Only for 2 column minima)-Linking buttons-Some other extras (eg:put a picture beside your title post,put a divider between your post,change the colour of your sidebar title,put a custome design sidebar title,change the background picture, and more..tell us what you need and we'll try and help you!)
Quotation of overall customization will be discussed through email.Price may differ depends on how soon you want it.The more time you give us the price will remain the same hence the sooner you want it the higher the price will be(eg: we'll usually take 2 days to design a header,if you want it within that hour,we're gonna have to charge you higher).Inquire with us on the designs that you want and we'll do more than 1 to give you more option.
A deposit of 50% is required once you've agreed to hire us as your designer.Thank you